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Map with directions

Coast A28 or N13

If comming from north or south by the coast, using either A28 or National 13 use this route for easy access.

Vila Nova de Famalicão N206, N309

If comming from Vila Nova de Famalicão using National 206 use this route for easy access

Guimarães A7

If comming from Guimarães using A7, use this route for easy access.

Braga N14, N206, N309

If comming from Braga using National 14, use this route for easy access.

Public transportation

Metro do Porto

Station: Varziela

Distance: 13Km

Schedule: Metro do Porto


Station: Vila do Conde

Distance: 15Km

Bus: Vila do Conde – Junqueira – Ferreiró

Schedule: Arriva


Station: Trofa

Distance: 11Km

Schedule: CP

Dear friends and customers, Parque de Campismo do Ave informs that it is closed and will reopen soon.
Thank you for your understanding.

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