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Camping Ave is located near the one of the largest courses of water in northern Portugal, the Rio Ave. We are framed in a perfect location to visit the historical cities of Porto, Guimarães, Braga, Viana do Castelo or why not take a Douro cruise. For more places to visit go to www.visitportoandnorth.travel

Bridge D. Zmeiro

This Roman bridge, also known as Bridge D. Zameiro establishes the connection between the villages and Apple Bagunte of Maia, surrounded by fields of vines. It connects the Roman / medieval road and is also known as Via Veteriz, which from Porto headed towards Barcelos / Esposende. Of note the rural house and the azeniras near the bridge.
It has an irregular board, oriented in the north (parish of Macieira da Maia) / south (parish of Bagunte) and slightly rampant. It rests on eight perfect back arches of unequal dimensions. Its construction dates from the 12th / 13th centuries. In 1220 it was already mentioned in the Inquiries of the Parish of Bagunte.

Distance: 6km

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Cactivity of Bagunte, National Monument.

With a known chronology of occupation from the 4th century BC to the 4th century AD (based on a ceramological analysis), the Cact of Bagunte has long been known as an ancient settlement. Already in the eighteenth century, Jerónimo Contador de Argote, citing the book of Counties, refers to the existence, on Mount Cividade, of ruins of an ancient city. It is a huge village with over 50 hectares of area of interest. This village is the object of a cultural development project – the Archaeological Field of Bagunte.

Distance: 7km

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Ornithological Reserve of Mindelo.

For decades, the Mindelo Ornithological Reserve, now included in the North Coast Regional Protected Landscape, was a unique space that marked the birth of scientific bird study and nature conservation in Portugal and around the world. Created in 1957, the Mindelo Ornithological Reserve was the first classified area of the country, with 411 hectares (expanded by 183 hectares, until the mouth of the Ave river, in 1959).
It is now a place of refuge for over a hundred bird species, especially migratory birds. It is also a unique area on the north coast of Portugal due to its biodiversity in terms of flora, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, to which contributes the set of temporary ponds in the dune areas and some permanent ponds in the pine forest area.

Distance: 15km.

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Vila do Conde

This space also bears marks of its former functions, such as the berth of ships and the shipbuilding yard. Over the course of the course that ends at Cais das Lavandeiras, it was possible to observe the bustle of shipbuilding, along with a merry chirp of laughter from the laundress who washed clothes on the river bank.

Its recent renovation has made it possible to integrate this historical memory with the need to improve the city’s public spaces.

Distance: 15km.

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